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About the Company

Vauld intends to treat your cryptocurrencies as a separate asset class, and offer services to ensure technologies based on blockchain are usable as of today. This would negate the need for government acceptance and nationwide adoption for cryptocurrencies to disrupt the banking sector. 

Vauld needed a set of animated videos that explain the process of various transactions in their app and various associated platforms.

Our Process 

We began the design process by breaking down various processes in simple storyboards that direct the animations. We decided to keep the videos fun and relatable at the same time keeping them simple and explanatory in nature. We wanted the explainer videos to be approachable and easy to understand. 

The Team 

We collaborated with Bedlam Studio  for this project.

Producer: Vinayak Vyas
Director: Shikhant Sablania, Mitali Panganti
Storyboard Artists: Meghna Pai, Shikhant Sablania
Graphic Designer: Meghna Pai, Hashmeet Saini
Character Design : Anupam Arunachalam
Animators: Vishav Arora, Shafquat hussain, Saurabh Singh, Arunav Chaudhury
Writers: Vinayak Vyas, Deepali Dhiman, Shringarika Pandey

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