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About the Company

ISST has been consistently working towards bringing social change with a focus on the livelihood, work, and well-being of vulnerable communities. It attempts to bridge the gap between research, action, and policy debate, especially on issues concerning women, children, and other marginalised communities through a gender transformative approach.

Problem Statement

The demand of this project was to urge the women to pursue skill development courses that would ultimately land them jobs and help them improve their livelihood. They wanted a medium to make their information more effective and interactive in multiple languages.


Our Solution

We made a comic that brings out the story of three women, among which, one has pursued a skill development course and is urging the other two to join the organisation and improve their skills, as well as, their livelihood. The comic ends with a question that urges the women to be eager about the change that is about to come.

Our Process

Our process started with visual research and moodboarding where we experimented with rural settings. After thorough research and valuable feedback, we chose a semi-urban setting for the comic

The case studies shared by ISST gave a fair idea about the problems women face and how such organizations turned these women’s lives around. Our visit to one of the affiliated centers gave us a strong insight to start the writing process. The homogeneous mixture of children from different backgrounds gave us the idea to come up with realistic character descriptions.

The script demanded a simple setup and a short yet comprehensive story structure that can be accommodated in four pages, making the comic feel like a small booklet. 

We offered three different character styles: 

Collaborating with ISST on this project was a great opportunity to apply our knowledge of comics in the most conventional way. We incurred how representing information in a storytelling form with the help of comics can improve the effectiveness of the same piece of information.

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