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About the Company

Hubble is a first-of-its-kind, rewarding savings experience created in India, for India. Pitching their initiative throughout India, they arrived at Indore. They needed someone who could functionally advertise them on radio, in newspapers, and in pamphlets without seeming too preachy. 


We created engaging radio ads, an eye-catching newspaper advertisement that got printed on the first page of Dainik Bhaskar in Indore and a pamphlet with an intention of cultivating brand love and conversation among our Indori audience.


Explainer Video

After assisting them with their branding in various media including radio, newspaper, and pamphlets, we also created an animated explainer video for their various USPs alongside Bedlam Studios. While Vinayak Vyas created a clear and easily understandable script, Raashi Borade, Megha Bindal and vishav arora provided the design and animated elements respectively.

“Our goal was to ensure a clean look with playful typography that was easily digestible in a glance” – Says Shikhant Sablania, art director on this project.

With these creatives, we achieved a more targeted approach in terms of explaining how the app works and engaging new used in an exciting way.

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