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Title Animation

About the Film

The United Nations GORE ACT
Global Overconsumption Reduction Endeavour Act 2015

The act aims to eradicate Global Warming
Govt of India sets up a unique factory and township in Surat, Gujarat.

The film is a journey through this outwardly world!
Three parallel storylines take us forward on this journey

1- Gamit and Ratya- During the Day.
2- Men in Blue Overalls- During the Night.
3- Teacher- At what is taught in school.

Each storyline educates us about a unique aspect of this world

Phase 1 : Concepts

Since Gamit deals with the enquiry on the idea of what’s real and what’s not while diving deep into the world of science fiction and reimagining how we perceive our world and how we might be based on various changes that happen to our spaces and environment, we decided to explore the idea of developing a new language for the film. Exploring the concept of what’s a machine and what’s human.

For the title of the film we explored the idea of a loop and how can we visualize it in the typography while keeping the audience curious about what’s going to come next. 

Phase 2 : Experiments

Furthermore, we explored how the various parts of the film can be juxtaposed with the newly developed typographic system. 


For the end credits, our experiment led to a vivid and vibrant set of design directions.

Phase 3 : Bringing it all together

After indulging in various experimental directions, we brought it all together for the film release developing the title card, credit sequences, and various typographic elements that add to the storytelling of the medium. 

You can follow the Gamit film here

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