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About the Company

Sharing information about the correct sterilisation process is difficult, and even more so when you have volumes of information to be shared quickly with a lot of people. This is the problem that we tried solving for 3M India

3M India wanted to simplify the boring and elaborate literature around the process of cleaning an instrument after it returns from an Operation Theatre in Hospitals and Clinics. 

How does it work ?

The entire process needs to be followed judiciously in order to ensure proper cleaning of the Instrument, but as all the literature comes from the US the language and explanation becomes a bit difficult to understand for a regular employee of an SSD – that’s where comics and I came into picture. 


Our Solution

We decided to first simplify the literature into simple steps, then construct a story around the entire process that would grip the reader into reading and remembering the entire process in an interesting way. And to make it even more compelling we turned it into a Comic. 
This project was applauded by the internal team as well as the various hospital staff who found it very engaging and helped them remember various states of the cleaning process.