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What is Choorma?

Years ago, I was sitting in a congested classroom of an engineering college, Tired and bored of the unending derivation of a complex electrical formula, I struggled to keep myself awake. I flipped to the last page of my book, to do what I loved the most – doodle!

Shikhant as a kid sketching

My mind seldom leaned towards the mundane engineering syllabus. I had to meditate my way through my exams. I needed something to get me through my college years and I found solace in art.

I was curious and always interested in creating. Most importantly, I loved stories – listening, reading, and narrating them. These stories would be simple, inspired from my everyday life, the absurd, the mundane and the exciting.

Sitting in the classroom, facing the old professor who was furiously writing equations on the board no longer made any sense to me, I made up my mind to make art that tells stories.

And thus began a journey spanning nine years till date, during which I have worked on and continued to develop multiple comics, graphic designs, paintings, illustrations and picture books on stories that impacted me.

My work today revolves around storytelling through comics and graphics as a medium. I explore how humans interact with each other, understand class, caste and more, using irony and satire as tools to create a dialogue.

Shikhant sitting on a chair and sketching


On a lazy afternoon, after a heavy lunch that satisfied the foodie in me, I relaxed on my couch thinking about the future, much like most engineering students in their final years. All I knew was that I wanted to take a plunge into the world of art and comics.

While I was lost in the maze of my mind’s complex castles and wondering where to begin, I realised I needed a pseudonym. All those superhero comics that I had read growing up had left an impact on me after all.

I fired up my laptop and started typing out all the words that came into my mind. After a strenuous hour, I was staring at a screen full of fancy and artsy names, none of which fit my personality.

Disappointed, I switched to surfing the internet – a mood I think we are all familiar with. While browsing through unending social media feed, I came across a quote.

“You are what you eat!”

It struck me suddenly. I love Choorma and so, I am Choorma.

And just like that, Choorma’s existence was defined. Over the past few years, Choorma has grown from being a pseudonym to becoming my passion, love and life, with more collaborations, projects and people joining the feast.

And now, it has just got bigger than ever, with a platform to host all of our work – the comics, books, art works, podcasts and more – all the craziness in one place!

Shikhant's head as a lightbulb with 'Thinking Big' written on it

Web Comics

No, our team is not goofed up with tech – we enjoy both print and web comics. But we are not bound by the nostalgia of the paperback. We want to make the best use of the latest tech to reach the widest audience possible. The world of internet gives us the opportunity to reach out and connect better to a larger audience with relative ease.


We have been telling stories all along through our range of comics. We soon started putting together this passion and experience in storytelling along with our skill in illustration, visual design, to craft interesting stories for brands.

The art of branding is about telling the tale of the company in a compelling and passionate way. We want to take a long-term strategic approach of narrating stories that resonate with and help build a loyal audience base for brands.

The future

Our mission is to create a dialogue and invoke thought-provoking conversations around various issues in order to create an impact on cultures across the world. Through our webcomics, we present a fresh perspective on different experiences of life and create discussions around the same.

Story + Design = Choorma illustration

We also want to empower brands with visual design and illustrations, helping them connect better with their audience. We are constantly exploring new ways to reach out to different audiences and employ the latest technology to tell engaging stories.

Watch us as we take you on an artistic voyage with comics and design. Until then, have a look at the art, books, culture and designs on our humble website. Welcome to the world of Choorma!

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