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Here’s Why PT Teachers Are a Delightfully Unique Breed

There are teachers and then there are PT teachers. What sets them apart? PT teachers will pull you up for your scruffy appearance at school, tell you off for unpolished shoes and untucked uniforms even as they crack a joke or two. They’d even make you take laps around the ground as punishment (read character building) or yell at you for making too much noise.

But on long, dull days when lessons would drone on endlessly, PT period and PT teachers would rescue us for a period of gleeful running around and playing. They taught us how to play a variety of sports, how to run fast in races with a few words of encouragement, all while trying to control an unruly bunch of kids on the playground.  PT teachers all bear unique traits and their ways of dealing with a hyper bunch of kids with their shrill whistles make for hilarious anecdotes. Take a look at these light and heart-warming stories from former students who still remember their PT teachers, long after they’ve left their school days behind.

A P.T teacher asking students to stand in a straight circle while two boys sit and giggle under punishment.

Our PT teacher was trying to teach us how to run properly without tripping and then while demonstrating, he tripped…

Our PT teacher’s name was Balwinder which we had shortened to Ballu. We used the nickname when he was not around. He had this loud roar ‘AAAAAAAEEEEE’ which he would put to great use to scare the kids. Whenever he’d feel too lazy to come down to the playground and discipline the kids, he would sit on a chair in a corridor overlooking the grounds and keep roaring ‘AAAAEEEEE’ to warn the kids making too much noise.

On our farewell day, Ballu got very emotional and said “Now, I’ll have to find new kids to torment and punish for no reason..”


Our PT teacher would bring one of those two-litre Coca-Cola bottles, filled to the brim with milk. His best friend at work was our Telugu librarian who would invite him to drink kapi (coffee) with him. That was the only person he would share the milk with. 

He also had really big arms; one arm was as big as my body. We’d be careful enough to duck whenever he was within swinging distance. 

– Shikhant

A P.T teacher handing over the keys to his drawer to a kid and asking him to “Go get the balls”. Other two students are laughing at the double meaning.

My PT teacher was very affectionate. Of course, he would use phrases like “What’s matter?” but he was the only one who would tie friendship bands on all the pupils’ wrists.

– Vidhi 

Our PT teacher was quite moody. If he was in a good mood, he’d joke about your spiky hairstyle. But if he was in a grumpy mood, he’d grab your spikes and smush them down on your head. He also had great reflexes. Every time a kid would faint in the assembly, he would swoop in and grab them before they hit the ground.

– Aroop

He wouldn’t let us play on the swings because he said we would break them as we were too grown-up (we were in class 10). But he would sit on them during lunch break while monitoring kids.

– Meghna 

A female P.T teacher pulling a boy’s ear and yelling “Mummy didn’t give you breakfast? Speak louder”

Our inter-squad kho kho competition was coming up and our PT sir asked me to participate in it. I didn’t want to participate so I said I won’t play because I don’t know how to play. He got offended and his eyes looked watery. He said, “I’m your PT sir! It would be shameful for me if you go around saying you don’t know how to play kho kho!”. I admitted the truth and said, “I’m sorry but I don’t like kho kho.” He said, “So say the truth na! Don’t put the blame on me like that!” 

– Anonymous

Our PT teacher always looked like she’d had just about enough of all the wild kids in school. This one PT class, she got us the shot put and handed it to me, and asked me to throw it. I threw it as hard as I could and it went flying towards this cement boundary around a tree and broke off a sizeable chunk of it. Needless to say, she didn’t look impressed.

– Anonymous

We hope these brought back some happy and light memories of your PT teachers in school! This Teachers’ Day check up on them and wish them. We’re sure they’d be happy to hear from you!

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