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Things Heard and Said by Every Engineering Student in College

The bittersweet journey from a starstruck 11th-grade science student to completing engineering is nothing short of memorable. Of all the ups and downs that make up this four-year-long rollercoaster of emotions, here are some of the most iconic and funny engineering quotes that we know you’ve heard and said.

First Year

“Engineers go on to do great things in life! You can do anything you want after you get into an engineering college. Everyone gets placed at Google with a starting package of 2 crores! The ones who don’t automatically go to IIM-A, B, C and directly become partners in consulting firms. Women want to be with you and the humanities guys want to be you.”

– Every coaching teacher I met from 11th – 12th standard as a PCM kid.

“Mechanical engineering is amazing. In fact, one of the 4th years just got an offer from BMW! The company will be shifting to the United States and everything!” 

– A huckster from second year to me in my first week of engineering.

“It’s okay to miss classes every once in a while to enjoy college life. Carpe diem!” 

– A society senior I shouldn’t have listened to in my first semester.

One person asks the other," What do you call a guy with full attendance?" to which the other replies, "A loser?"

“Know of any places where I can get fake medical certificates? I’m about to be detained.” 

– Me, at the end of my first semester, to the said senior.


“AYE! You’ve NEVER tried a cigarette?!”  

– A batchmate during fest season, second semester. 

Two packets of cigarette smokes with the label on the first with the text 'Smoking Kills? The second cigarette packet has a label with the text 'Smoking Kills.'

“2 Marlboro Advanced na? Adding it to your tab”

– The pan shop owner to me, the end of my second semester.

“Why are there so many 16 rupee transactions from your Paytm?”

– Your dad, the end of the second semester.

Second Year

“Hey man. I’ve started talking to this girl. She seems cool”

– My friend, third semester.

“I don’t wanna talk about it. You get the cigarettes, I’ll get the bottle. Baithenge raat ko.”

– The same friend, a couple of months later, third semester

“Finally kissed her today. Let’s order Domino’s”

– The same friend, 2 weeks later, third semester.

“Ah shit. Midsems are a week away. Let’s study. We need to top this time”

– Everyone, third semester.

“Hey guys! What was the syllabus again?”

– Me, a night before midsems, third semester.


“We’ll pass. The test was decent. Glad midsems are over. Aaj raat daaru?”

– My friends, at the end of midsems, third semester.


“It’s about time we scored. Can you send me your dealer’s number?”

Me and my friends, beginning of the fourth semester.

A cigarette which then transitions into a joint.

“Bro, I think I just saw god”

– Me to my friends through thick bong clouds at the end of fourth semester.

Third Year

“How is everyone getting internships?”

– Me, beginning of the third year.


“Maybe it’s time I got serious about my future.”

– The middle of the third year.


“I really used to think slavery was dead. How is this legal?”

– Everyone, during the summer (internship) at the end of the third year.

Fourth Year

“How the f**k did HE get placed?”

– Everyone to their senior who’s been through this, the beginning of the fourth year.


“The placement session is just brutal this time.”

– Everyone who’s still unplaced, 2 months into 4th year.


“My CV sucks, doesn’t it?”

– Everyone after their 20th rejection, 4-5 months into 4th year.

Two resumes side by side. The first says 'Hahah. Hire me' while the second says 'For the love of God please hire me.'

“Let’s get a flat and go to Goa.”

– Everyone, regardless of placements, in the middle of the fourth year.


“Hey, you know we’re going to stay in touch, right?”

– Everyone, the end of fourth year.

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