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About the Company

Marut Drones is revolutionising the way we look at farming today. They have engineered a farmer’s best friend in the form of a drone which can spray pesticides and do direct seeding, requiring minimum effort from the farmers and producing better yields. Their Multicopter is DGCA certified and is backed by impeccable technical support and after sale services. 

Our Process

Initially, we divided the information into relevant chunks and began building a story structure around them. We scripted the entire story into an engaging narrative that covered all the important pieces of information on the product and its benefits. 

Next, we storyboarded the flow of the script with an appealing visual scheme that directed the character and background drawings, post which, we experimented with the layouts and began with the process of inking. Ultimately, we arrived at the process of final colouring and rendering, producing a functional comic that explained the features and use cases of the drone in a compelling way.


We conceptualised the comic in a rural setup and designed a central character who influences his fellow farmers to introduce Marut’s multicopter to their farming methods as well. We created a script that highlights the use cases of this drone in a conversational way to keep it natural and inviting. 

Rough Sketches

Experimenting with different character styles, we arrived at a decision to subtly include a girl character in the comic in order to extend the relevance to female farmers as well. We experimented with different levels of complexity in character design and developed a few options for the character set. The goal was to transform information into an interesting storytelling format that had compelling graphics gripping the eyes of the reader. 

Final Graphics

The final result had engaging graphics in a fun comic style. This comic was used in promotional and marketing events offline. Since the interaction with the drone buyers are usually in person, this comic helped in initiating conversation and generating curiosity about the latest drone technology and various use cases in the user’s mind.